How This Works

Pick your class. Pick your points. Earn your points. 

Over the course of a school year, students face many obstacles. Those obstacles have an effect academic success. Maybe the student needs 5 points to pass a class to graduate with their friends. Or maybe they want to achieve straight A’s for their first time ever but need 2 points. Maybe a student slacked off during the semester and doesn’t want to deal with the stress of failing another class. NotsLaw makes it easy to get extra credit points for any situation. 

For Students

STEP 1. Select your school. Pick your subject. Select your teacher.

STEP 2. Select your how much extra credit you want. You can choose 1, 3, 5, or 10 points. Your point value determines the difficulty and duration of the test.

(Use this wisely – you can only have up to 10 extra credit points per class per semester.)

STEP 3. Submit payment using debit/credit card or pay-pal account.

You will receive an access code to take the test.

STEP 4. Sign into PROCTORU, a safe and secure testing environment.

STEP 5. Take your test. To receive credit, YOU MUST PASS WITH A B OR HIGHER

STEP 6. Submit certificate to your teacher within 36 hours of test.

You teacher will add your extra credit points to your final grade. 



Integrity matters.

NotsLaw believes in fairness and honesty testing. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE CHEATING policy. We comply with school code of ethics to ensure quality and lawful testing. Meaning – NO CHEATING.

If caught cheating the student is subject to the rules and code of conduct of their school’s cheating policy. In addition they will not be given a refund and will be banned from any future use of NotsLaw services.

To protect the integrity of testing, we partner with PROCTORU to complete testing. PROCTORU carries additional rules and regulations for testing. This information can be found on their website.