Sponsorship and Donations

Partner with NotsLaw. Support our students.

In reaching our goal to decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates, sponsorship allows for us to further our service and reach to help more student.

Guidelines for becoming a sponsor:

1. Must be established business open for 1 year.

2. Must have a minimum contribution of $100.

Please note: Sponsors cannot use NotsLaw logo or licensed marks on materials or signage.

Donate into the future leaders

During the academic year, many students can face economic hardships. Studies show, 7 out of 10 students are stressed about finances instead of focusing on their studies. No student should have to experience but we know it is a reality. NotsLaw wants to help. We have created a lottery to be drawn for students who have submitted letters to our office sharing their story. With your donations, you will support students in paying for school supplies such as books, computers, materials and more, ultimately giving them a peace of mind and ability to focus on academic success.

If you would like to donate towards this cause, contact us today. Help us keep our kid’s future shining.