Who we are

Our Philosophy

   At NotsLaw, education is a road towards freedom. We believe each student deserves the opportunity to a quality life through education. The United States Department of Education surveyed students from 2000 to 2017 and found higher educational attainment led to higher income which leads to improved quality of healthcare, further educational opportunities, job advancement and overall satisfaction with life. We want to give all students an opportunity to experience a satisfied life. 

Our Goal 

To help students achieve educational success to receive the benefits that education provides. 

Our History 

   Working as a music teacher in Eastern North Carolina and commuting over an hour and a half to work, founder Dennis Walston, saw stretched teachers ,at the last minute, work to provide students with enough extra credit to pass a class. Teachers were burned out and students were frustrated they couldn’t pass or graduate. Creativity was called upon to solve this complex problem. Then one day, a vision from above came to Mr. Walston to  provide students with an alternative to achieve extra credit – flipping responsibility on the students while students reap the benefits. This birthed the company name NotsLaw, (Walston spelled backwards) and in 2014, NotsLaw was created, serving school systems across Eastern North Carolina. Helping students graduate and enjoy a quality life.