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At NotsLaw, our philosophy is simple: education is a road towards freedom. We believe each student deserves the opportunity to a quality life through education. We want to give all students an opportunity to experience a satisfied life.


Founder Dennis Walston, saw stretched teachers, at the last minute, work to provide students with enough extra credit to pass a class. Teachers were burned out and students were frustrated and nervous they couldn’t pass or graduate. Creativity was called upon to solve this complex problem. One day, a vision from above came to Mr. Walston to provide students with an alternative to receive extra credit.


Our goal is Is to help students achieve educational success to receive the benefits that education provides. NotsLaw is here for you. 


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About Notslaw

NotsLaw was founded in 2014 by Dennis Walston Jr. Working in education for many years as a music teacher, Mr. Walston experienced and saw the hardships of fellow teachers and students. Wanting every student to experience the benefits of a quality life. A quality of life that was passed down from his father, who through education was able to provide a stable home, open multiple businesses and leave a legacy. Graduating from North Carolina A&T with a BA in Music. Mr. Walston went on to become a certified teacher, eventually going back to school for his masters degree in education. 

Mr. Walston sees a parallel with education and music. Music can be an escape and place of enjoyment. It can inspire creativity and move a person, community and nation. Education provides an escape from low quality healthcare and the classroom can be a place full of fun and growth. Education can inspire new inventions and discoveries that can alter the world like Facebook for example. Higher education allowed for a young man to see an opportunity that changed history forever. Mr. Walston wants the same for all students. 

Since 2014, NotsLaw has been serving high schools in Eastern North Carolina. Giving students a chance to feel a sense of accomplishment when passing class a tough class or graduating with their friends in front of family. In the coming years, we plan to expand to surrounding states in hopes to serve 100,000 students.